VIBE Photovoltaic


Turnkey solar power

VIBE is a reference point for the realization of custom turnkey photovoltaic installations, by conducting a feasibility study and calculating the expected yield of the installation over the years.
The high quality standards, developed on the basis of the numerous plants installed, ensure safe and reliable operations and therefore greater profitability.

With its top level organisation and logistics, VIBE is able to handle the design, supervision of the works, installation, testing and commissioning of a photovoltaic installation, in addition to comprehensive after-sales service.

Service and maintenance:
unlimited availability and efficiency.

VIBE also stands out for the availability and efficiency of its after-sales service.
VIBE's staff and technicians are ready to take care of any problem or request, remotely or on-site depending on the circumstances, in the shortest time possible. Anywhere in the world.

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