Efficiency and sustainability tailor-made,
savings of up to 70%.

VIBE designs and manufactures integrated systems for the generation and distribution of energy. It finds and applies innovative solutions for creating sustainable buildings and improving energy performance.
VIBE is committed to meeting customer needs 100% of the time, both in terms of volumes and in allocating the resources produced wisely. It aims to achieve the targets set and shared by international standards such as Vision 2030.

Sources and applications:
the mix that gives more power to your spaces.

VIBE identifies the most appropriate combination of renewable and eco-sustainable energy sources for each project with a view to achieving more rational use.
A comprehensive vision that embraces electricity, the generation and distribution of heat and cold, lighting, and the construction and renovation of buildings: with its organic designs and use of truly integrated solutions, VIBE achieves exemplary efficiency and significant savings of up to 70% in the industrial, residential, sports and recreational sectors.

Materials and solutions:
shaping a green future.

VIBE operates in different areas, including: the introduction of state-of-the-art building materials, in terms of efficiency, sustainability and healthiness, such as biocalce (eco lime wash) or hemp, the design and commissioning of solar power systems, photovoltaic plants and wind farms, both small and large, the construction and start-up of biomass and hydropower plants, as well as systems for exploiting vegetable oil.
Lastly, VIBE develops end-use devices including control panels, electrical systems, and cutting-edge LED lighting systems, backed by an extensive service network and facilitated by the most advanced solutions in terms of centralisation, computerised management and remote control.