VIBE Trigeneration


One source, three forms of energy, multiple savings

Efficient, cost-effective, sustainable. The ideal solution to meet the energy needs of large facilities and major attractions such as hotels, shopping centres and industrial parks. The advanced technology of trigeneration allows the combined generation of cooling, heat and power.

This solution offers a number of benefits for production operations and businesses, including:
• Significant cost savings
• Considerable reduction in energy consumption
• Increased efficiency
• Improved competitiveness.

Starting with a typical cogeneration plant, the trigeneration process makes is possible to recover the heat lost during the transformation process and convert it into cooling energy. The result is phenomenal: the reduction in costs for electricity and natural gas (LPG/methane) can reach over 45% compared to conventional systems.

Service and maintenance:
unlimited availability and efficiency.

VIBE also stands out for the availability and efficiency of its after-sales service.
VIBE's staff and technicians are ready to take care of any problem or request, remotely or on-site depending on the circumstances, in the shortest time possible. Anywhere in the world.

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