VIBE Electrical Switchboards

Electrical Switchboards

A simple, logical, safe interface

VIBE has created a "switchboard department" at the company that is specialised in the construction of all types of switchboards and standard low voltage modules (LV):
• Power Centers
• Motor Control Centers
• Automation switchboards
• Mass-produced switchboards for industrial and service industry market needs
• Automatic centralised power factor correction units

VIBE's production is able to cater to customers' specific requirements, always ensuring the delivery of high quality, personalised products, made by staff exclusively dedicated to making switchboards.

Each product is tested at our laboratory, which performs not only the final acceptance test but also insulation, equipotential and electric strength testing.

From the initial design to delivery VIBE observes the highest quality standards in compliance with current regulations (Italian CEI 17 - 13/1, Low Voltage Directive 93/68/EEC, 72/23/EEC and UNI EN ISO 9001).

Service and maintenance:
unlimited availability and efficiency.

VIBE also stands out for the availability and efficiency of its after-sales service.
VIBE's staff and technicians are ready to take care of any problem or request, remotely or on-site depending on the circumstances, in the shortest time possible. Anywhere in the world.

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